Every Inch of Pride

by Vacant Sea

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drums & vocals: tal mims
guitars & vocals: eric cleveland


released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Vacant Sea North Little Rock, Arkansas

Pretty noise.
Eric Cleveland
Tal Mims
Noah Rushing

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Track Name: Place Mat
probably won't say anything
even though it's bothering me
you never answered your phone
or called me back
yet i was always available
when you wanted to complain
about everything in the past three months
you left the receipt from your dinner on my place mat
you left every inch of pride at the front door
Track Name: Head in the Sand
the weekend's almost over
as every car leaves the liquor store
i wonder where you are
i heard you were down in florida
with your head in the sand
i heard your missed your friends

and i miss your friends too
i miss when i was your friend too

you were so cool when you were here because you wanted to be
you were so cruel when you wanted to be
Track Name: First
i never learned to bite my tongue like you
i never learned to watch a movie all the way through

but i want to die thinking about how much you want to die
and like you've always said
"nothing's ever been truly mine"

but there's a first for everything
and i could be the first
i could be your first
Track Name: Folded
couldn't afford to be anything you wanted
sorry for my apathy
detached myself from everything i held dear
everyone's been disappearing
i don't mind
fifteen minutes until you board the plane
don't wait until you leave
to confess everything
to unfold everything
Track Name: High School
tell me the story of every bone that you've broken
and how you feel it in the lightning storm
all the bumps on the small of your back
how nervous you get
oh, but darling, how bad?
two hundred miles away
sleeping on the ground
i've lost all sanity
all the bumps on the small of your back
how sad you get
oh, but darling, how bad?
last december when it started to snow
you left a bitter taste with every word you spoke
garage didn't shut all the way
head lights leaving the house at four in the morning
doesn't mean a thing
apparently not
you are the calm before the storm
and the fire that burned down everything